Tax Preparation

If you're like most people, you get your taxes done once a year, and the preparation fee is just a part of the cost. No big deal. right?

Well, it's kind of a big deal to us. We think that most tax preparation services charge too much. So we offer a great deal on our tax preparation.

Save 25% on your 2018 Tax Return fee. For new clients. Bring in your 2017 Tax Return with a verifiable fee invoice and we will immediately knock off 25% for the same Federal and State returns (subject to a minimum of $125.00)
Got a simple tax return? We will prepare and E-file your 1040 and state return including schedules A, B & D for as little as $125.00. (Up to 10 stock transactions on your Schedule D)
Own rental real estate? Have a trust? Got Farm income? Our tax preparer has over 30 years’ experience with all kinds of tax returns, and uses state of the art commercial software to reduce the time it takes to complete your return, saving you bigly.
We'll make sure you get every deduction you have coming to you.
How can we charge so little? We don't depend on tax fee income for our living. We started offering this service to our retirement clients, and decided a couple of years ago to open it to anyone who wants to save some money.

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